Thursday, April 10, 2008

UPDATE: 4-10-08

Everything still seems to be moving at a turtle's pace. I haven't done much writing let alone anything else. There just seem to be too many distractions and a loss of time. All I have managed to do is write notes here and there whenever I can and to read whatever I can grab.

Now the weather around here seems to be changing the game plan as well. We've had in the past several days or more twisters, hail, thunderstorms, and two maybe four floods. A nearby town is drastically flooded, not by Katrina proportions, which is a rare sight to behold. In fact a street not to far from my house was flooded this morning and I watched the morning news of live footage of a rescue of a young blonde woman who thought she could drive through the flood.

Needless to say, due to the weather, my backyard has seen better days. The simple act of walking in the backyard is like walking on a giant wet sponge. So no puppet work, no latex monsters, no nothing. It's frustrating. The past winter storm must have made be a bit cabin feverish and now all I want to do is go outside.

As for filmmaking I am still dropping frames in Adobe Premiere and it's driving me insane. I am certain that it's more the PC's fault than the software, but it doesn't change much. The PC is old, I know that for sure, which means it's time to upgrade.

I can either go with a Apple this time around or stick with a PC. There are downsides to both; with a Apple I would have to repurchase software including Final Cut Pro and for a PC there is Vista to contend with, not to mention me being unsure a new computer would really change anything in the end.


Anne Bradshaw said...

I had to get a new PC recently for the same reasons. And it came with Vista, which I'm beginning to like--at last! Took a bit of getting used to the new Office Word 2007, also, but what a great tool.

Tim Shrum said...

Thanks for the info. I am a bit curious about Vista and wish there was a way test drive it.

I am leaning towards another the PC mainly because of cost. I am just a bit leery of the whole business. It is hard to trust in what to buy these days.