Wednesday, March 26, 2008

UPDATE: 3-26-08

Things are slowly looking up for me. I'm not so depressed about how events are unfolding. I've been reading Stephen King's book on writing and getting a bit motivated from that.

I've started work on the next podcast episode which should be out in a week or two. Doing a podcast seems to be more of a arduous task for me, as of late. There is long hours put into it that amounts to nothing more than thirty minutes or less of pure drivel. In a ideal world I would do several episodes back to back and then just upload them a few weeks apart at a time, but I never can get it together long enough to do just that.

As for the Robot Suit and the Sea Monster Suit; everything in that department is looking up. My brother was the first to try it out and when the head is placed on the body it all comes to life. It's weird to see it in action. The robot's head is far too small for the body, which I dig, it gives it a cartoonish look to it which is what I am looking for anyway. So it all snaps together nicely.

Drawing has taken a backseat for now. My main concern is just writing and props. Speaking of props I might try my hand at creating a BEN-10-esque Omnitrix bracelet and a DICK TRACY inspired communicator watch. My daughter gets a kick out of BEN-10, so I am sure she will dig the Omnitrix Bracelet prop. It won't be a duplicate per se, but definitely inspired by it for sure. Stay weird!

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