Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UPDATE: 5-13-08

The garage sale went great guns over the weekend. We made more than we expected, but our food bill went over so some of the money went to that. Yeah, higher food costs!

All in all, with that aside, it was not a total washout. We did manage to pick up a few things we needed and the wife had a decent mother's day. In the end it worked out for the better, I would have to say.

As for the movie projects. They are all moved to the backburners a bit. The same goes for writing. I just can't grasp enough time lately these past few weeks.

I did manage to find a old sketchbook of mine so expect some new drawings of mine to pop up here in the near future.

There is more to tell yet not enough time. I'll post here when I can. Till then, stay weird!

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