Friday, May 30, 2008

UPDATE: 5-30-08

Man, who saw last night's episode of LOST? Those final few minutes just redeemed my love for the show. The pisser to the whole thing is that we have to wait till Janurary for our minds to get screwed with again. That is unless the impending actor's strike becomes a reality.


Besides obsessing over LOST I've been writing and brainstorming and getting something a bit more roughed out. Nothing solid enough for me to report yet-but almost.


I've noticed that someone is remaking a certain flick and I won't name names, however I thought it funny to do a mockbuster of said movie, and I would get it out on the same day of the first movie's release. It would be crazy dirt cheap and god awful yet so damn fun to do. I am giggling inside out at the very thought.


I've been tinkering around with DAZ which is similar to POSER in someways. The downside is that the quality is not exactly breathtaking but if I need a CGI creature fast and cheap then that is one road I can travel.

The best part about DAZ is that it's free so that has it going for itself. Anything free that I can add to my Batbelt is gravy.


What of the music vid, you may be wondering? Well, it might come to pass after all. I'm not quite sure. The band I was going to do the vid for broke up and really there is not much to say or do after that. I'll just keep the props and move on. No hard feelings, really. To be honest I would rather move on and get some real movie stuff going.

Until next time, stay weird!

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