Friday, January 9, 2009


Been loosing too many hours of sleep these past several days. I don't know why, but strangely, the wife and I have been waking up at roughly the same time each night. It will be around 2:40 AM and we will wake up without the ability to return to sleep. It sucks big time, not to mention creepy in a Amityville kind of way.

I feel real ill from the lack of sleep and having a head cold on top of that doesn't help matters either.

Anyhow, on the work front, I have been working on the puppets like a madman. I made a great deal of progress yesterday. Man, oh, man, I wish you guys can see them. Yet, sadly, they are not ready for prime time just yet. But stay tuned in and I might post another sneek peek.

Stay weird!

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