Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Daddy Progress: Stage One

For those who don't know I am building a Big Daddy Suit mostly from paper mache and found materials.  This is a method that I decided to use to keep costs down on the build.

The dome is a paper mache copy of a giant beach ball that I bought for a dollar.  It has about eight layers of news paper and a single layer of mache cloth.  I then gave it several coats of polyurethane.

The ring which will be attached to the dome is a styrofoam wreath form that I found in a dumpster.  I carved it a bit on the inside and painted it with wood glue and mod podge to reinforce it. 

This weekend I plan making the window port holes for the dome and start the building process for the main body using cardboard scraps a friend of my wife's gave to me.  This too will be covered in mache and coated in polyurethane before the paint job.


Dan (the monster man) Reeder said...

Stumbled upon this. Excellent first step. You definitely have the right process in motion. I look forward to seeing the finished product!
Great site. Keep up the art!

Tim Shrum said...


Thanks! I actually got some great ideas including using cloth off of your site, which I have recommended to all of my friends interested in mache. :)

This project is going to be my largest mache build thus far. I plan on posting more progress photos in the near future so be sure to check back.