Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Polonia Day 2010!

Happy Polonia Day to all of my friends who are fans of the Polonia Bros. movies.  Today marks the fourth year since I started this wacky but fun made up holiday.  Let there be more to come. 

Who are the Polonia Bros.?

For those who are new to the underground indie film scene or just curious as to who the Polonia Bros. are let me elaborate a bit more.  The Polonia Brothers are a pair of twins who truly since childhood have done nothing but make films; starting with the super-8 format and eventually moving into the digital age with handheld camcorders. 

Thus far they have had created over 30 films, many of which have ended up in storeshelves and rental places like Netflix and Blockbuster.  One of their films helped them gain a bit of notoriety and underground fame which was called Feeders, a film about a duo of friends who get caught in a invasion of small one foot aliens who want to do nothing but eat humans and destroy Earth. 

The Polonia Bros. are a hardworking duo who literally wear many hats behind-the-scenes and sometimes in front of the scenes; producing, writing, directing, special effects, prop design, stage design, acting.  If something has to be done for the sake of the film

Their films have been called bad, terrible, and somethings that would make this post NSFW.  However, their dedicated fans, including myself, tend to overlook the films failings and see something special that most films do not have, which is heart.  There is a true love of filmmaking and storytelling that goes into ther films and it shows.

Sadly, as much as I keep referring the Polonia Bros. in a present tense, one of the two, John Polonia, has passed away not too long ago, leaving only the one brother and some great friends to help carry on the legacy.  Also a friend and producer of the Polonia Bros. Matt Smith (Producer of HalloweeNight) has also passed away since last year.  So Polonia Day is not only a celebration of the brothers and their films, it is also a way to honor both John Polonia and Matt Smith.

Why again?

The reason I started Polonia Day is to let the filmmakers know that there are fans out there who dig what they are doing and let them know that there are many fans out there.  It is also used to raise a awareness for the Polonia Bros. films and other underground indie moviemakers such as Eric Stanze of Wicked Pixel Cinema and Joe Sherlock with F & C Productions.

What do you do on Polonia Day?

The idea is to celebrate the love of the films by watching a Polonia Bros film, buying or renting a Polonia Bros. film, or any underground indie movie.  It is also a time to get out there and start making your own low-budget movie ignoring whatever is hindering you from doing so.  If filmmaking is not your bag then you could draw, write, sculpt, basketweave, knit, taxidermy, whatever creative thing you love you should do it.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate, have a Happy Polonia Day!  Be sure to share this with friends and family and help this holiday grow.

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