Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Slaycation: Update #666

Yesterday I had to improvise since a actress of mine called in sick.  She was the main character and not much could be done there.  But the wife and I did not want to let another weekend go to waste.

Luckily my wife helped out by calling a friend of hers who did us a huge favor by driving a few towns over to shoot inside a sweltering hot non-air conditioned used bookstore for what will be less than a minute of on-screen time.  But she was awesome and saved my day.

Shooting resumes sometime in the middle of the week and again this weekend.  I'm doing my best to lockdown a bar for a interior scene and hopefully maybe some exterior stuff too.  I have two leads to follow up with so fingers crossed there.

A great surprise after returning home was the discovery that my latest batch of peel-and-stick blood splatter props actually worked!  Go here for the full details.

More to come.  To be continued...

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