Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Slaycation #8: Sunday Afternoon Puke

The script.  No Peeking!

So last Sunday I finally got shoot some of the CRAZED short for Joe Sherlock's upcoming TRULY DEADLY TALES and managed to knock out a few pages of the script.  Spent nearly five hours straight just shooting and multiple takes and coverage shots.  Even got a good puke scene in there.   By the end of the day I was exhausted but in a good way.
The wife and her friend, Jen, who plays the lead in CRAZED
I did take a look at the dailies today and my wife's friend is in the film as the lead and even though she has zero acting experience she was freakin' AMAZING!  I have seen my fair share of indie underground film actresses and this gal can act circles around them.  Not just that, but she is willing to do take after take and get the shot done no matter how long it takes.  A real trooper!

So far it seems like all is back on track.  Hopefully we will resume shooting this weekend including some more scenes involving the wife.  Still need a actress to film in one role and may have found someone to do a small newscaster role,  So, for the time being, everything is coming up Millhouse,

Oh, you can now see one of the segments to the TRULY DEADLY TALES anthology over at Joe Sherlock's blog which is what CRAZED will become a part of.

Also here is a newer version of the gas mask that I an building.  The milk jug ones had fair results but did not cover the face like it should.  So I am modifying a craft mask into a gas mask.  I'll have more deets later.

Until next time kids, stay weird!

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