Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Slaycation #9: Stage Two

Got back from today's shoot from a few hours ago.  We had a friend of my wife's and her friend who wanted to be in the film but dropped out at the last second which was kinda disappointing.  But that is the life of a no budget filmmaker.

So today we just shot mostly minor scenes that needed to be knocked out of the script.  Also reshot a scene to bridge the puke scene.  Sadly never got to break out the violence or gore yet.  Yet there is always another day and another film shoot.

My wife did a great job at applying what we are calling the stage two make-up to my wife's friend Jennifer who is the lead in the film.  The final effect looks damn cool on camera.  I plan on watching the dailies tomorrow or the next day to see how it all turned out.

I am very thankful that everyone involved in the film has stuck with it despite the many setbacks and challenges.  I have a super cool wife who has not only done a great job in the make-up fx department, but has also helped with the lighting, sound, and script supervision.  Not to mention rounding up the actors for the film.

My wife's friend Jennifer has also done a fantastic job as the film's lead, and has been so gracious with her time and for putting up with the reshoots, multiple takes and coverage shots, and the weirdness.  Not to mention the fact that her and her hubby allow us to shoot in her house with film equipment everywhere.

Okay here are some pics to make the post a bit exciting:

Here is sneak peek at Jennifer in her what we are calling her stage two make-up.  It will make sense in the final film.

Here is the camera stabilizer that I am using.  I made it from scrap PVC parts and from a cool tutorial found here.

Here is the second phase of a gas mask being made for the film.  I can't say more about when or why you will see it.  But it will be damn cool!

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