Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Slaycation #11: Women Rastlin' and Lots of Blood

Last Sunday knocked out tons of scenes involving my wife and our friend Jennifer.  There was lots of Karo fake blood involved, a bit of rastlin' in the kitchen between the two gals, and poor Jennifer had to scream at the camera over seven times.  I even got a chance to field test my peel-and-stick blood, which turned decent enough for what it was.  It was a cool way to spend a Sunday.

Here are some pics from the movie that I am dying to share:
Becca, the nosey neighbor, is not so sure of Judy.
Jennifer is not too happy about having to do another take.
Let the rastlin' begin!

Becca soon discovers what happens to curious cats
 No filmming this weekend is planned because of the Labor Day.  But things should get back on track the following weekend.  I am a little over the half-way mark.  It is a bit depressing since I am having so much fun, I don't want it to end.  But that is part of the nature of making movies.  I got some personal scripts cooking up so I might jump back on the saddle sooner than expected.

Gonna have to think of a new title for these blog posts since Fall is creeping in.

More about CRAZED and the anthology TRULY DEADLY TALES can be found at Joe Sherlock's blog.

Learn how to make peel-and-stick blood on a dollar store budget here.

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