Friday, October 7, 2011


CURSE OF THE PHANTOM SHADOW is a nifty film project which is a throwback homage to the serials and pulps of the 1940's. The film is over 75% completed but is need of completion funds and you can help out by donating a few bucks through the film's Kickstarter page and getting some cool rewards back in return.
By donating you help keep the pulp and serial genre alive and get some cool swag. It's win-win!

Synopsis snipped from the Kickstarter page:

There is only one man to call, Agent 236, an elite government agent. Agent 236 has been dispatched to launch a rescue.

Along the way, Agent 236 is befriended by a spunky, sarcastic, gas station attendant who just happens to have pinup girl good looks. She also just happens to be looking for a little action,and excitement. Luckily, Agent 236 is the man of her dreams. Agent 236 puts the station attendant and her tow truck into service in pursuit of the Phantom Shadow.

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