Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm back to page five of the weird sci fi serial project script and come to a complete halt. The cause is not so much writer's block, but the lack of the ability to be able to express what I see in my head versus what gets written.

I can see the serial being weird, surreal, and hot rod fast. Yet I can't seem to get that straight on page. I have trimmed certain scenes and even removed dialogue that to me seemed windy. I guess what I want is a fast talking and even faster shooting pulp kind of script.

Anyway, I plan on setting myself mini goals each week and during the next five days my plan is to crank out five pages. This would equal a page a day. I'm going to start small again and just take baby steps for a few months at least. Besides as broke ass as I am there is no sense in rushing this project. Stay weird!

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