Friday, March 14, 2008


Vincent Chiantelli from Raptor Arts Studios is the man. It's no secret that one of my passions is rubber monster suits and so you can imagine my enjoyment when I discovered this guy's website and the work he has done.

The amazing thing that can be learned from his work is to sculpt the foam rubber before adding it to suit to give the final product more of a definition of muscle. I don't know why, but that idea never struck me till I saw his website.

Another cool thing about his work is that he has used the duct tape body form to make his suits. I've tried it before and failed at it, but seeing pics of how he did it makes me want to try again.

Anyway, check out his site to check out cool pics of his suits and tutorials.


Vincent Chiantelli said...

Thanks for the compliments. I do enjoy making creatures. If you want heres my website link Ive updated my site recently :)


Tim Shrum said...

You're welcome! Checked out the site. Lots of cool new stuff. Keep up the amazing work.