Monday, March 3, 2008


To say that the weather around these parts is acting strangely would be a gross understatement. In less than 24 hours we have seen two twisters, thunderstorms, strong winds, and a impending snowfall.

I woke up yesterday to a relatively warm day, went to the local wal-mart to pick up a few things for a day at the park, and when I left the store it was as if someone had flipped a switch to freeze. It was a windy and very cold day at the park. Not exactly something I would recommend.

The wife and I joked about Strawberry Spring/Indian Summer and sure enough the last several days or so was nothing but that-a illusion. A taste of what could be. However, I did manage to do some latex work outside and the robot puppet's body is coming out a bit more smashing than originally imagined. So I guess it was a bit of a even trade there. Stay weird!

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