Thursday, July 10, 2008


I came across this interesting blog post and it struck a chord. Like most writers, I have several notebooks and a 3-ring binder filled with scribbles of one idea or another. Also, like most, I have found myself trying to work on a idea that in the end falls flat.

The reasons are far too numerous to mention, but I can say that one of more reoccurring one is that I will start a script, based on a one sentence idea, only to see it burn in flames after the first act. This is because some of my ideas are, sometimes, just not enough to carry itself through a whole three-act structured script.

I can understand fully aware of the desire, and almost obsessional state, a writer or any other artist has when struggling to make a idea work. In your heart you want to see it come alive but the logical side of the brain argues that it would be best to move on.

Anyway, take a moment to check out this post to possibly free you from whatever script is tying you down. Occasionally, it is perhaps best to step away from a idea to free yourself to go in another direction.

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