Tuesday, July 15, 2008


As I continue to write the Spy script I am, in between, searching for locations. The first five minutes or so opens up in a desert locale, something that resembles Roswell. Here in my home state there is some desert in the panhandle, but as far as locating the exact coordinates, that is the real trick.

Everyone around these parts say that it is either here or there, but can't say for sure exactly where. Not only can I not find it, I am not sure if I want to. You see, ever since I was a kid there have always been urban legends of sorts circling the pan handle.

A seventh grade history teacher of mine once commented that the panhandle was littered with mutant people and shelled burnt campers. The HILLS HAVE EYES always came to mind and the fear of the panhandle increased after the remakes were released.

I am not sure what to do next. I have been sending out messageboard posts, hoping that someone will tell me exactly where the deserts are and if they are what the urban legends describe. I

f not the alternative would be to shoot the rest of the film and the first opening sequence last. I would shoot that in the winter and just say that it's the North Pole or something. It would change the way the film is told, storwise, but may in fact be a better choice. Stay weird!

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