Thursday, July 17, 2008


Been suffering from hip pains for the past several days now. I was lifting some weights, trying to get back in shape, and I guess I lifted too much too fast, and well...

The pisser to the whole thing is that I have had so many hip surgeries in the past, since the first grade, in fact. This only just aggravated pain that was already there.

The true downer part, besides extreme pain and no medical insurance, is that it distracts me during writing. I can't seem to sit for more than ten minutes at a time.

But the good news would be that I did find a few desert locations after all. Some of which are only a hour away or so. Not only that, but I may have someone who was in small bit roles in films such as DUKES OF HAZZARD (the remake) and a few more mainstream films including a Oliver Stone flick, interested in being in the film. I mentioned the zero pay and he didn't seem to mind, so far.

I may still include a snow and ice location just to add more exteriors to it. I will have to keep in mind the logistics of that one.

For those keeping score, the page count is now closer to ten pages. I am including a alternate opening just in case the desert locations don't pan out. My goal is to start filmming in October. The desert stuff being first.

Now I am going to sign off and take a few Advils and call it a day. Until next time, schlockheads.

Stay weird!

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