Friday, June 12, 2009


Originally CHOPPING MALL, directed by Jim Wynorski and produced by Roger Corman, was at one time called KILLBOTS. However the film had a hard time testing in certain markets. According to Wynorski himself it was during a test screening with Corman where a electrician, fixing a light bulb or fixture saw a glimpse of the film and said "why don't you call it Chopping Mall." Wynorski and Corman both thought it over and agreed that it would make a greater title than what they had and recalled all the film's prints to change them to CHOPPING MALL.

Right after the change of name took place the film sold more tickets and did well on video. The morale of the story is that no matter how good your film is or how many cool visuals you have in it, none of that will matter unless you have a title that will make someone want to see your film. Don't be afraid to be exploitative. Go out there and be damn sure your film has a kick-ass title!

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