Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learning How to Make Lemonade When Your Work is Pirated

Most people that are interested in making movies or writing books will more than likely find their works pirated all over the internet.  Despite all the DRM or related countermeasures one can place on their media products its all gonna end up pirated someway and somewhere.

One can sue the pirates and try to shut down their sites; the downside is it involves money and time.  Those are two resources that most indie folks cannot afford to loose.  There is also the risk of loosing an audience who could feel alienated, and they don't exactly like it when someone they like comes around and slaps a lawsuit against them.  That is a sure way of loosing a fan or two. 

So the question is, what should you do when pirated?  Well, pulp guru, Bill Cunningham, has the answers about how to take a lemon and make lemonade out of it.  Go here to learn how to fight piracy by offering a little extra to your audience.

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