Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 In Review and Hello 2011

As each year passes I like to do a bit of a tally or a review of what I have done or haven't done in the past year and then a look at the new year ahead in what I will be doing or wish to be doing.  It's my own way of keeping score and to set goals for myself.

2010: The Dirty Bastard

2010 has been such a bastard to me in terms of getting work done, failed projects, and in my personal life.  I am glad that the year is behind me.  Sure, there were good moments, but that is like saying that prison had some good moments too in between the rapes and beatings.  There is always a silver lining wherever you look.

My silver lining occurs as follows:

1. I found a screenwriter.  He's a cool dude who is eager for the experience because it sure as hell doesn't pay as much, that's for sure.  Together we have been working off and on a treatment for a alien sci-fi flick which I hope to begin shooting either late 2011 or sometime in the middle of 2012.  The cool thing about hiring a writer is that it will free me up to focus other projects and it gives me a Sam Arkoff vibe that I dig.

2. I paid down a bit of my debt.  I had amassed a large number of debts and several months ago have finally paid it down some.  I am still in debt but the noose around neck has slackened a tiny bit.

3. I wrote a good number of pages for a Frankenstein monster pulp novel which I hope to publish in 2011.

4. I also started a RPG game company with a old friend of mine and we plan on producing a horror game to be birthed on Halloween 2011.

5. I got a few bits of scripts done here and there and I also discovered the joy of making stuff which may spin-off into something for Etsy.

6.  Lost in Schlock now has, for the first time, a good monthly readership.  I just need to translate that into Facebook followers and dollars.

7. I made some progress on a web series and a music video/short but need to start focusing on a project at a time.

2011 Goals

Here are my goals for 2011:

1. The usual, being: getting back in shape. pay off my debts, start finishing up my tall pile of projects.

2. Start thinking of not how cool it would be to do something but instead how cool it is that I finished a project.

3. Open a Etsy store to sell my strange art.

4. Publish my pulp novel in 2011.

5. Finish the alien sci-fi flick screenplay with my screenwriter.

6. Finish the long overdue short film/music video project.

7. Publish the RPG horror game with my friend on time for next Halloween.

8. Start writing my own tutorials on Lost in Schlock.

9. Attempt to make a prop a month.

10. Start making some revenue from all of this insanity,

11.  Finish a script or two on my own.  Shorts no longer count.

12. Bring Mondo Schlocko back from the dead in the form of a podcast.

I have more that I am sure that I am forgetting.  But those are my main goals at the moment.  Despite my cynical and pessimistic nature, I do see 2011 being a better year for myself in terms of getting stuff done and sharing my insane ideas with friends and strangers.

Bottom line is that I just want to do more ass kicking in 2011.

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