Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reboot: Hot Dogs and Ribeyes

I am not sure if it was Roger Corman or Sam Arkoff who had once said that people always like to eat steaks, but every once in awhile those same people just want a hot dog.  Cheap, easy, and filling.  In the context of movies what he was trying to say was that the same people who will watch WAITING FOR SUPERMAN or AVATAR will once in awhile will want to see a low budget flick like MEGA PIRANHA.

I've been thinking of the above for the past several weeks, and I know that in the past I have referred to it and said that I would make those "hot dog" films.  But for one reason or another I lost my path and started to reach for grander projects that were frankly too expensive and laborious for the skill and budget level that I am at.

So what does this mean?  It means that this year I am going to focus on producing dirt cheap films.  B-movies.  The kind of movie one would find at the drive-in or at a mom-and-pop video store in a giant clamshell box.  I truly believe that this is the year to do so.  It's time for a reboot and a kick to my ass.  So stay tuned for more info.  There some cool news coming soon.

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