Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Slaycation: Update #5

So for those that don't know, last Friday I lost both of my front teeth.  It's a bit of a crushing blow to one's ego when you are thirty five and find yourself in the market for partials.  It is all the more embarrassing when one of your teeth is flung like a rocket and hits a dental tech in the eye.  On the upside my new dentist's last name is Fleming.  No relation to Ian Fleming, I asked.  However, he is a huge Harry Potter nerd.  I'm not, but I dig his nerdiness for something.  I can understand that fully.

I am rambling a bit now, but the gist is that I went home with a bleeding maw and a bottle of pills.  I had scheduled shooting the film for Sunday.  On Saturday my jaw started to ache and I wanted to eat things that were not in soup form which were challenging, to say the least.

 Despite the pain I was confident, or I should say damn cocky enough to think that I could tough out the pain for the film shoot.  Part of the problem was I was not following the after-care instructions like I should have and I have never been much for pills because even while in pain I tend to forget to take them.  On Sunday morning I awoke to a hellacious pain in my jaw.  However, more was to come.

The pain in my jaw was increasing and my daughter became sick with a stomach virus which I have seemed to have caught as well.  So filmming was canceled for today as I laid in bed for most of the day to ease the pain.  Depressed and a bit self-defeated.  In my twenties, the old me would have gone out there and shot the film.  Pain or no pain.  The present me just wants to lay in bed and pray for the pain to go away.

In the end, filmming got rescheduled for hopefully next weekend.  In the meantime, if anyone is in need of a hillbilly or mountain mutant man for their next flick, I'm your guy.

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