Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Slaycation: Update #4

The wife doing her best Velma impersonation
I actually got back in the saddle yesterday and shot some footage for Joe Sherlock's film anthology TRULY DREADFUL TALES.

The wife wore her best sexy Velma costume to portray a character named Becca who I see more as a nosey neighbor.  It's my own homage of sorts to BEWITCHED in which, the neighbor across the street, Gladys Kravitz was always wondering what was going on across the street with the Stephens family.

I watched the dailies last night and thet look solid enough.  I would've taken some screen caps but discovered far too late last night that my firewire cable is no longer compatiable with my newer PC and laptop which themselves are not exactly what I would call new.

This weekend I have more shooting planned including a puke scene!

To be continued...

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