Thursday, August 7, 2008


I gave myself several days away from the script to episode one of the web serial. This is to allow a chance to look at again with refreshed eyes. Originally, I wanted to jump straight into writing writing the second episode, but thought it would be best if I did some editing of the first script before anything else. That way I save myself some headaches of having to restructure anything in script one and two.

Now after taking a breather I am going back to edit the first script. I printed it up yesterday and I am eager to take a look at it. Time to wear my butcher's smock and trim the fat.

Yesterday I dug out the Witch script that I tried working on last year. The goal is to try and focus on the first ten pages only. It's all baby steps. I'll clue you all in when I can about the project. However, I can say that I am basically starting at square one. Everything except for the opening has been removed.

Stay weird!

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