Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paramount Starts to Follow Arkoff's Rules of Moviemaking

This should be of interest to all of my pulp/filmmaking buddies:
With the recent success of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, Paramount Pictures has announced they'd be backing a gaggle of low budget genre films that all should be going into production this year. Paramount announced today the launch of their new division, Insurge Pictures, which has one million dollars fueling its films. 10 movies are on tap in the first year at a budget of just $100,000 each. "We want to find and distribute crazy, unpredictable, and hopefully awesome movies - movies that make you want to line up to see at your local theater with all your friends," the soon-to-be-launched website proclaims. "Movies that a big studio would never release because they’re too risky, too silly, and they don’t star Sandra Bullock." (via

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