Friday, March 5, 2010


Hot off the printing press Bill Cunningham and Don Glut present to you BROTHER BLOOD.
Snipped from Pulp 2.0:
Los Angeles, CA - Bill Cunningham, the Mad Pulp Bastard (yes, that's his job title) of new publishing label Pulp 2.0 Press today announced its premiere pulp novel release, Brother Blood from author Donald F. Glut (The Empire Strikes Back novelization, TV's Transformers, The X-Men and comics' The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor). Brother Blood is a horror "blaxploitation" novel set in 1969 Los Angeles in and around the world famous landmarks of the Sunset Strip. Sexy Preston Duval is a sinister vampire stalking the streets of Los Angeles, building a vampire army to take over the city.

"Brother Blood is an old school pulp novel that captures the tone of the sort of material we'll be publishing here at Pulp 2.0 Press," said Cunningham. "Besides being a piece of pure entertainment, Blood captures the feeling of the time - having been originally written in 1969, three years before Blacula - and is premiering in english and novel form. It was published previously in the 70's in an edited, magazine form in German. "

Brother Blood will be published and distributed worldwide through Createspace's ( print-on- demand service and with low-cost digital editions available later for Kindle and other e-readers. Each print edition will feature "Extras" containing behind-the-scenes information, articles, photo essays and other exclusive entertainment.
There is also a neat contest happening over at Pulp 2.0.  Go here for more details on the book and the contest.  Support the indies and pulp by grabbing yourself a copy and one more for a friend while you're at it.

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