Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today I am kicking off my month long boycott against the industries that use DMCA, DRM, and wish to restrict our copyright freedoms and even personal lives. Full details here.

Unlike the MPAA and RIAA, book publishers have made far greater strides in providing readers the use of DRM-free ebooks and audio books. There is even a small but increasing number of books that are even licensed under Creative Commons.

Here is a small list of what can be found out there on the net in terms of
ebooks and audiobooks:

Cory Doctrow

A name that should be familiar to most of us nerds and geeks out there. His
collection of books are for the most part if not all are DRM-free and even
licensed under Creative Commons. Go here to discover some of his fantastic

Archive.org's Text Section

Archive.org has become a large database and the go-to place for most things
in the Public Domain whether it be film, audio, or in this case text.
Archive.org currently stores a large array of books within various genres and
time periods. This includes children's books, open-source texts, and
science-fiction from decades long ago. Go here and give it a try. It's
legal and free!

Archive.org's Audio Book Section

Besides text, Archive.org, is also a database and link provider to tons of
public domain books that are now in audio format. Selections include works of
H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Conan Doyle among many others. As one
can imagine the genres include of course science-fiction, horror, poetry, and
even nonfiction.

The collection includes works that are found at other various providers of
public domain audio and text formatted books including LibriVox, Project Gutenburg, and
author James Patrick who has his own Archive.org section at Free Reads.

As a bit of a warning most of the audio books, if not all, are read by fans
of the works and can be amateurish at times. Yet it is still worth a listen or

Telltale Weekly

Telltale is another fantastic place to go to for anyone in search of audio books. The books themselves are public domain but the readings (audio books) themselves are
licensed under Creative Commons. Check it out their top 25 titles

Creative Commons Licensed Books

A quick glance at Creative Commons own site and one can see a large list of works both nonfiction and fiction that are licensed through CC. The list is rather large but one can find it over here.

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