Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Music that is either DRM-free, CC licensed, or public domain, is one tricky beast when it comes to searching it out. It's not an easy task. The challenge becomes increasingly difficult when searches for such music that sounds good or even half-way decent.

Here is a small collection of what I have found:

Jamendo is relatively new to me but so far it looks like a fantastic site. All the music found there is licensed through Creative Commons and artists give listeners and even podcasters the freedom to download their tracks or even full albums and share them as we please as long as we abide by the rules of each artists CC license. Genres of music conisist of a dizzying array of types and sub-types as seen here.

For those in search of royalty-free music for their films, documentaries, or what have you, Jamendo does offer a pro membership program to grant you such a license. Although I am not sure without joining myself as to what the rules of the license states.

The site is well worth a look and listen. Go here for more.

Ioda Promonet

Ioda Promonet is a fantatsic site that I have used myself from time to time. It is mainly geared towards podcasters or bloggers in search of legal music to play and share online. The selection is truly impressive and worth a look for any podcaster or blogger out there. Go here for more.

Music Alley

Once called the Podsafe Music Network its newest name incarnation Music Alley is still a safehaven for those in search of music for their podcasts and now videos. There are tons of great bands to be found with the only drawback being the search engine is not that all user friendly.

Some well known musicians can be found there providing tracks to share on podcasts including Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, The Horror Pops, and Betty LaVette among others. I've used this service a few times myself and highly recommend it. Go here for more.

Nine Inch Nails Ghost I Album

Back in March of 2008 Nine Inch Nails released their CC licensed album Ghost I directly to bittorrent allowing anyone who wanted it to download it for free with the best part being the album was DRM-free and anyone had permission to download the tracks and share it with whomever they wished.

Larger versions of the album starting at $5 is being offered and there is even a $300 dollar deluxe set is still being offered for those who loved what they hear and wanting to help support such a brilliant and risky venture by putting some coin into Nine Inch Nail's pocket to help continue this kind of direction and hopefully other mainstream artists will one day see the light and follow suit.

For those wondering how well it did; it became one of the top-selling albums of 2008 earning $1.6 million in it's first week. Not a bad payday for giving something away for free with the promise you won't put any kids in prison for sharing it on their blog.

The album can be downloaded here and more details on the album including Nine Inch Nail's stance can be found here. Audio

Besides CC-licensed music those in search of something more open-source or public domain you can try the audio section over at The selection varies from Old Time Radio, public domain music, live concerts, and more. Go here to see for yourself.
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